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The durability of the Rhinoceros Party of Canada

03 octobre 2014, à 16:17

In recent months you expect the names of candidates for the leadership.

However, there is only one candidate who has shown interest: SEBASTIEN CORRIVEAU.

CorRhino said: "The Greek democracy trusted its citizens to decide whether public decisions were good or bad, and that's why Senate seats, in Athens 2,500 years ago, were drawn among citizens of the state. I therefore will make Loto-Senate, where 105 seats will be drawn among all citizens of Canada every two years. Get a chance to win a two-year term and a salary of $ 138,700 per year! Canada and Canadians love lotteries, and Loto-Senate gives more chances to win than any other lottery! A Rhinoceros majority government will trust his citizens! "

As it was announced in May, the award should be held in November.

But, the former head of rhino party has questions about the sustainability of the party.

Considering the general lack of interest, should we scuttle the party? he asked.

The official agent also raises questions, considering he is leaving his post at the same time as the former leader.

 The director of the Laboratory for Sciences of Democracy is the only administrator who wishes to continue the adventure.

Face of this dilema it was suggested to ask the members.

To prevent the disappearance of the Rhinoceros party

you must send an email

header: Dont end the rhino party

Content: I want the party to continue to exist because i believe in Sébastien Corriveau as the new chief

(you can also write why, but it is optional ...)

We need you!

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